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There’s no doubt that singer-songwriter Mike Izon is all about his family, which he says is the inspiration behind his love of music – despite never taking a lesson. He credits much of his work ethic to his mother Michelle and his late father Zachary, who passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease a few years ago.

Mike began his musical journey at an early age, finding inspiration to perform from his largely talented musical family. He released his first album, “Book of Clichés,” in 2010, and would later go on to become the Kollaboration star of 2012, winning big at the Asian American Music Awards.

In August 2018 he released his hit reggae single “Purple Haze.” The song immediately climbed the charts in Hawaiʻi reaching #1 and staying in the Top 5 for seven weeks straight and eventually reaching Promo Only's Mainstream Radio distribution, joining other top major recording artists.

“I enjoy that you can take any emotion, any feeling, and put it into a song and change someone’s life forever,” says Izon, who has been singing since he could make noise. “I am super lucky to do what I love for a living.” In May 2019 he released his new single “Brown Sugar Girl”.

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Mike Izon ("Purple Haze") is back ... and this time around his official music video for his latest release, "Brown Sugar Girl," showcases the beauty, the sun, and splendor of Hawaii Nei and her island's Brown Sugar Girls!


Purple Haze ft. damnboy! (Release date: August 26, 2018)

Purple Haze ft. damnboy!
(Release date: August 26, 2018)

Brown Sugar Girl Release date: May 19, 2019

Brown Sugar Girl
Release date: May 19, 2019


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